How to Add "Save Page as PDF" Button in Post

Usually, when we are blogwalking, we found an interesting page and we have to save it in our flashdisk. But, if we direct save the page, usually page that we save isn't neat. The page will be neat if we save with PDF format. Unfortunately, "Save Page as PDF" button rarely find in many blogs. So, if you want to set "Save Page as PDF" button in your blog, just follow the steps below

1. Go to PDF Online
2. Then Sign Up with new account
3. Fill the form, then click Sign Up
4. Generate the Java Script
5. Copy the Java Script

6. Log in to your blogger account
7. Go to Design>>>Edit HTML
8. Thick Expand Widget Templates
9. Find this code : <data:post.body/>
10. Paste the Java Script unedr  <data:post.body/>
11. Save it


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