How To Add Author's Signature Under The Posts

Today, I will share to you a trick about Add Author's Signature Under The Posts. This trick is useful for bloggers who want to create a signature for his blog, so his blog will has a characterisitic. Beside that, because we have a characteristic, visitors will come back to our blog, because maybe they feel : "This is a unique blog!". Now, we will create a signature in computer. Use Paint? No! Corel Draw? It's too difficult! You just follow the steps below.

1. Go to My Live Signature
2. Then click "Click Here To Start"
3. After that, if you want to an easier way, you can choose "Using the signature creation wizard"
4. Now, enter your name, if finished, click "Next Step"
5. Then, select your font and your size.
6. Next, you can choose the colour and the background of your signature.
7. After that, you can set your signature slope
8. Finish! But, we want to use this signature to our blog, how? you must click "Want to use this signature?"
9. Now, you can click "Generate HTML code", then choose "Generate a code for my handwritten signature"
10. After that, you will get the code.

Where to put it?

You can go to Settings --> Formatting. And find "Post Template", you can put the signature's code in the box. And your signature will appear automatically when you create a post.


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