How To Change Font In Blog

Actually, idea to change font in blog begins from our readers request. Therefore, in this post I will teach you about how to change font in blog. Maybe you have never thought to change the font in your blog. Now if you read this trick, maybe you want to change your font blog. So, if you want to use this trick, you can follow the steps below.

1. Go to Design --> Edit HTML
2. Thick in the Expand Widget Templates box.
3. Use the code below :

For post title, you can find
.post h3 a {

For blog title, you can find
.titlewrapper {

For font post, you can find under body { , for example (not same for every template)
background:#CFCCC2 url(
/headerbg-1.png) repeat-x scroll left top;

Generally all fonts can find by this code

4. You can save your template, if you've finished.


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