How To Make A Simple Dropdown Menu

What is Dropdown menu? Dropdown menu is a menu of options that appears below the item when the computer user clicks on it. Actually, there are many kinds of dropdown menu. But, i will make a simple dropdown menu, because it is basic. Below is example of simple dropdown menu :

After you see the menu above, you know it can be used for blog archive. Beside that, the advantage of that menu is only need a small space. What? You want to try this trick ? OK, be patient, i will give the steps

1. Log in to your blogger account
2. Go to Design>>>Page Elements>>>Add Gadget
3. Choose HTML/Java Script
4. Then, copy the code below, and paste on the place
<select onchange="[this.selectedIndex].value);">
<option value="0" selected>Menu Title</option>
<option value="Links 1">Text 1</option>
<option value="Links 2">Text 2</option>
*change the blue text with your text
*and green text for your links
For example :
<select onchange="[this.selectedIndex].value);">
<option value="0" selected>Search Engine List</option>
<option value="">Google</option>
<option value="">Yahoo!</option>
So, the result will be like this

5. Done? Save now


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