Off-Page Hidden Keyword Method

In this method, we will try to steal chance from habit of banner exchange which usually becomes habit of bloggers. As we know, banner / link exchange can increase our blog PageRank. So, if we want to increase our blog PageRank, this trick can be a good SEO weapon for our blog. Google

For banner design, I think that's same. Regardless the size of banner, animation or only a image, all the same in the eyes of Google. Google doesn't care about good or not our banner design, Google just read the HTML Script from our banner. Here the SEO strategy is running. Look at the script below!
<!-- Banner -->
<a href=BLOG URL><img border="0" alt ="BLOG KEYWORD" src="IMAGE URL"/></a>
<noscript><a rel="nofollow" href="BLOG URL" title="BLOG KEYWORD"><b>BLOG KEYWORD</b></a></noscript>
<!-- End Banner -->
For example :
<!-- Banner -->
<a rel="nofollow" href=""><img border="0" alt ="blogger tricks, blogger hacks, SEO tips" src=""/></a>
<noscript><a rel="nofollow" href="" title="blogger tricks, blogger hacks, SEO tips"><b>blogger tricks, blogger hacks, SEO tips</b></a></noscript>
<!-- End Banner -->
In that script, we are using <noscript> tag, so that script can't see by internet users. From here, we can add some keywords from our blog. Spread the banner to your friend's blog, so your friends can put it on their blog. Hopefully Useful! ^_^


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