10 Tips for Using Twitter to Promote Your Site

Promoting your blog through Twitter takes persistence, but your efforts will pay off in the form of new readers. There are several things to keep in mind when promoting your blog on Twitter.

1. People care about themselves

Just as you want to be on Twitter to have people flock to your site, others are using Twitter to find solutions to their own needs. You want to offer some value to others, rather than talking about yourself.

2. Listening is valuable

If you are new to tweeting, read the tweets that others are posting. Get ideas of what tactics you'll use to do your blog promotion. Many new bloggers want to jump right into the Tweetosphere without exercising discretion.

3. Free stuff is great

Others will go to great lengths to get their hands on free stuff even if the free stuff has no value to you. Many folks will become very excited about things that they don't need if the right tone is used.

4. Content is still king

You have traveled outside of the blogosphere. Content is still king. Write compelling headlines for blog articles and use Twitter to promote them. If people are interested, they will follow you back to your blog.

5. Coupons are cool

If you sell a product, offer discounts to people who follow your tweets. You can sell more items as well as get a good handle on who is following your public tweets. This generates a lot of new business that you can capitalize on.

6. You must be present to win

If you are going to use Twitter as a viable means of promotion, you have to be paying attention to what is going on. this means that you can't show up for a day or two and then let it just happen. Set aside a time for tweeting every day and learn.

7. Whiny people suck

People don't want to be guilt tripped into going to a blog. They will feel resentment and aggravation. they won't go in the first place, or won't stay there for very long. Tweets which sound broken down or desperate get ignored.

8. Don't be a parrot

If all you do is mimic other people's content, your followers will become more prone to read that other person's work instead of yours. Retweeting some things is okay if interesting, retweeting everything leads others to believe that you really have nothing to say.

9. Spreading the word is fun

Talk about stuff other than yourself or your blog. If something interesting or entertaining is happening in your neighborhood, talk about it. There are often community events which are worth noting to the world.

10. Learn from the best

 There are thousands of people out there who use their tweeting effectively. Find out more about these people by following their tweets and learn from their style. The more you learn, the more followers you can get.

Twitter is a great tool to use for long term growth of your blog. It is used to develop trust, not the immediate sale. The best rules to follow are to be yourself and have fun.

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