45 Link Building Tips To Help You Promote Your Blog

Get­ting Links for Writ­ing Content

1. Write con­tent that is use­ful — Writ­ing resource­ful con­tent will always attract links, hands down. If you write an arti­cle that is over­flow­ing with use­ful and resource­ful infor­ma­tion — peo­ple will link to it.
2. Don’t for­get track­backs — This handy fea­ture for Word­Press can be great way of return­ing the com­pli­ment for a ded­i­cated link.
3. Remind your read­ers to link to you — After each posts, just throw in a quick reminder that your arti­cle can be socially book­marked or linked to.
4. Make a Top “X” List — Alex’s post on “100 Lists To Become A Bet­ter Blog­ger” is the most suc­cess­ful post on Blo­gus­sion, to-date. This just goes to prove how much peo­ple love “lists posts” such as your “Top X [Something]”
5. Debunk a Myth — There’s only one thing bet­ter than com­ing up with an idea, is to prove some­one else one wrong. Peo­ple love oppo­si­tion and to see a debate bub­ble up, so don’t be afraid to chal­lenge other people’s opinions.
6. Write with a touch of con­spir­acy — Just rein­forc­ing tip #5. If you can cre­ate that atmos­phere of retal­i­a­tion, it will always raise a few eyebrows.
7. Spread the Love — Ded­i­cate a post or two per week to link to other blogger’s posts that you found use­ful. More often than not, they will tell their read­ers “Mr.X linked to my post, how cool!”
8. Trade arti­cles with web­mas­ters — Sim­i­lar to guest post­ing, just swap arti­cles with a fel­low webmaster.
9. Release a Press Release — This guide shows you how to write + sub­mit a good Press Release.

Freebies/Giveaways for Link-Baiting

10. Hold a con­test with an incen­tive. Con­tests are great for link-baiting because when peo­ple talk about it, there will always be “Check it out here” tagged along with it.
11. Release a free design. If you can make/buy a cus­tom WP-Theme then release it for free to your guests, you can really kick off on a viral mar­ket. Just don’t for­get the “Designed by [YOUR LINK]”
12. Release a free plu­gin. This serves a sim­i­lar pur­pose as a design, but not so much with a direct back-link. Instead, if your plu­gin is use­ful, the incom­ing links will just grow exponentially.
13. When run­ning a con­test, reward your ref­er­ees that bring the most refer­rals. This will encour­age them to blog about your contest.

Con­nect­ing With Communities

14. Become active and post on rel­e­vant forums
15. Become active and com­ment on rel­e­vant blogs.
16. Try not to for­get your sig­na­ture on forums, oth­er­wise the whole thing is an epic fail.
17. When com­ment­ing on blogs, try to use post URLs instead of just your Blog URL — This can help reg­u­late your links evenly amongst your blog, and not just solely to your front page.
18. DON’T spam com­mu­ni­ties with your links to your site, offer a rea­son for them to visit and con­tribute with a purpose.
19. Sub­mit your blog to direc­to­ries — These are still help­ful when it comes to get­ting indexed, espe­cially these direc­to­ries listed here.
20. Search up DoFol­low Blogs/Forums — These will carry the most sig­nif­i­cant back-links.
21. Browse Craigslists and they can pro­vide you with a free or cheap link.
22. Build on your Tech­no­rati Profile
23. Become a Spon­sor — Whether it be a theme, whole web­site or a small project; the spon­sors always get mentioned.
24. Run for Char­ity, and request oth­ers to help spread the word.
25. DON’T spam. This tip can­not be rein­forced enough. A deleted com­ment will server no purpose.

Direc­to­ries, Social Book­mark­ing + Dis­cus­sion Groups.

26. Write con­tent for Arti­cle direc­to­ries — Pub­lish con­tent for direc­to­ries such as eZin­eArti­cles, GoAr­ti­cles or iSnare. In the “About Author’s” area, you can leave a link to your website.
27. Build a Squidoo Page  — It’s easy and if you have the time to develop it, it can be very author­i­ta­tive. If you don’t there’s heaps of ser­vices out there to help you out.
28. Join Dis­cus­sions over at Yahoo! Answers — Pro­vid­ing use­ful answers, along with a link is an easy way to earn a back-link.
29. There’s also Google Groups — It’s almost the same as Yahoo! Answers, but owned by Google.
30. Sub­mit your voice on Digg — First build a solid pro­file, where you have a net­work of loyal dig­gers. If you can hit the Digg front page, you are likely to get linked to by a lot of web-masters.
31. Build on your Twit­ter pro­file then link to your site using your “Bio Area.”
32. Tweet about your posts using Twit­ter, then request retweets from your followers.
33. Offer a “Tweet This Post” link on every post your write, this will make Tweet­ers eas­ier to tweet about your article.

Direct Link Build­ing

34. Con­tact your fel­low blog­gers with a per­son­al­ized email — ask­ing for an rec­i­p­ro­cal link exchange. How­ever, keep this to a min­i­mal and be very selec­tive in who you choose to trade with.
35. Post around on forums ask­ing for rec­i­p­ro­cal link exchanges, but yet again be warned on your selection.
36. If you are a part of orga­ni­za­tions, clubs or schools — Ask them if they can link to you, because these types of web­sites are more often than not; authoritative.
37. DON’T ask Dar­ren Rowse, Shoe­Money, Matt Cutts or Yahoo, MSN and Google for back-links. It’s just a waste of time, espe­cially the last three “contacts”

Paid Link Building

38. Buy a Review — Most sites that offer reviews will nat­u­rally link to the reviewed product/site.
39. Many web­mas­ters buy links on pop­u­lar blogs for author­ity, even though it’s against the Google TOS (Use at your own risk)
40. Rent links from oth­ers web­site — Text-Link-Ads is most likely your best option.

Using Blo­gus­sion for Link Building

41 Leave a com­ment — All our com­ments are do-follow, so the link you chose as your URL will get link-love automatically.
42. Top Com­men­ta­tors  — As you can see on the side­bar, we use this awe­some plu­gin. Every month, our most con­tribut­ing mem­bers will be rewarded with a link.
43. We use Com­mentLuv — Every com­ment you post, will carry a link to your lat­est blog posts.
44. Link to our posts — We uti­lize the uses of ‘track­backs.’ Hence any links to our posts, will auto­mat­i­cally be rewarded with a back-link to them! So, Why not share this post with your read­ers and followers?
45. Buy a Paid Review — We link to our reviewed sites/products.


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