Blogger Release New Version Interface ?

Hi, Bloggers? Do you know, Blogger release new version interface ? Actually some steps had begun little by little since 2010.  Do you not realize it? Start from Template Designer, Real-time Stats, Spam Filter. And now in 2011, Blogger will make bigger changes. They will release the new version interface . Let's watch the video below.

Blogger said in the official blog.
The new design is not only cleaner and more modern, but it also uses Google Web Toolkit, delivering the latest in web technology.
So, we're really hope, blogger can release the stylish but with more less time loading too. If, you want to know some changes. Let's see the screenshot below.

Current Post Editor

New Version

Current Dashboard

New Version

New Blogger Navbar

So, we just wait. What blogger team do for the new version interface.


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