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If you want to get some good amount of visitors to your blog from search engines, you need to do a bit of SEO to your blog like meta tags, title tags, heading tags, choosing good keywords,etc.

But,its a bit difficult to do all that stuff on your own..especially if you are new to blogging and know less about design stuff(html,etc). Many sites are charging lots of bucks monthly for SEO tools like backlink checker, keyword researcher, etc. But, some people can't afford it.. So, I decided to create "SEO Tools" section here in BloggerTricks with full of useful SEO,design tools (ofcourse..for Free :D) which can help your blog traffic,search engine rankings,revenue..
With these tools, you can get to know lot of information about your blog like..your keywords, the keywords you should be targetting, how fast your blog is loading, your site pagerank,backlinks in search engines,etc.
I'm working on this new Tools section from a week now..and it is finally ready and I'm very happy to release it :)

Here are some of the top tools in the list..

Meta Tags Generator

Adding Meta Tags is one of the Best way to increase your search engine rankings.
This tool automatically creates you effective, error free, meta tags code. All you have to do is provide some basic information like your blog description,etc.. and it will generate your meta tags code for you.
If you don't know how to add meta tags to Blogger... Read this tutorial.

Help: How to add Meta Tags to Blogger

Blogger Ad Code Converter

Adding adsense inside blog posts can maximize your earnings a lot. But, if you directly paste adsense code in blog template, it will give you bx error. So, you need to first convert the code....and this tool will do just that. Just put your adsense code in the box and it will generate the encoded code which you can put anywhere you want in your template. You can also use this tool for any other codes too.. (abrite,chitika,etc)
I'll write a detailed post about how to add adsense inside blog posts in different positions soon..

Favicon Generator

Ever wondered about that short icon next to the address bar in your browser ? It is called FavIcon. It will give your blog a cool and professional look.
Use this Free Online Favicon Generator tool to create stunning favicons in many sizes like 16 x 16 , 32 x 32 , 48 x 48 , 64 x 64 ,etc.

Help: How to add Favicon in Blogger

Google Pagerank Checker

Google Pagerank plays a vital role in Search Engine Rankings. Improving your backlinks,etc can increase your pagerank.
Use this Free Online Google Pagerank Checker tool to check your blog pagerank easily.

Link Popularity/Backlinks Checker Tool

Increasing Quality Backlinks to your site increases your blog traffic, search engine rankings, pagerank,etc. So, try to get as many inbound backlinks as you can.

Use this Backlink Checker tool to check How many backlinks your site have in Google and Yahoo. Note down your site backlinks and check back from time to time to see if your backlinks increasing or not and try to improve your blog accordingly.

Keyword Suggestion Tool

If you are trying to rank for some specific keywords in search engines, you need to know all the relevant Keywords in that niche. Good Keywords increases your blog PPC, revenue and your traffic.

So, use this Free Keyword Suggestion Tool to get some keyword ideas.

Keyword Density Checker Tool

Repeating keywords often in your site make Search Engines to consider it as spam which decreases your SERP's (search engine rank positions). On the other hand, if you don't have proper keywords, you lose traffic and rankings.

So, use this free Keyword Density Checker tool to scan your blog and find out how often keywords are repeating and optimize your site according to that.

Instant Domain Name Search

If you're trying to register a domain name, you don't need to load hundreds of pages trying to find a good domain name. All you need is Just One ! With this Instant Domain Search Tool, you can know if a domain name is available or not (.com, .net or .org) instantly while you're typing.

Website Speed Test

Adding tons of images, javascript codes,etc slow down your blog page loading speed which is not good. So,Use this Free Website Speed Test checker tool to find out your website loading speed and try to optimize it as much as you can.

Online 3D Logo Maker Tool

Adding a cool header logo image to your blog makes your blog look more professional and nice.
But, what if you don't know photoshop, image editing well ? Don't worry! Use this Free Online Logo Maker tool to create Stunning Logo images to your blog. Hundreds of Font styles and text effects (shadow,reflection,glossy,etc) to choose from.

Email to Image Converter

Never type your email address directly in public forums,blogs,etc.. because, Spammers use harvesters to search email addresses and spam your inbox. So, instead of typing email address directly in your Contact Us Pages, forums,etc.. Use this Email to Image Converter tool to convert your email address into an image which makes it difficult for Email harvesters to find your address.

Nofollow Link Checker Tool

Search Engines don't follow and crawl links with nofollow tag and it don't benefit you SEO wise.. So, if you have your links in other sites, Use this tool to find out if they are using Nofollow tag to your links or not.

Reciprocal Link Checker

If you have purchased or exchanged links with other sites, make sure they are linking back to you properly. Use this Tool to scan your partner's website and find out if they are linking back to you or not.


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