How to add recent visitor widget?

How to add recent visitor widget?

Recent visitor widget help you to recognize where youe readers come from. Are they come from other website link or search engine. With this we can calculate what's reader needed from your blog and then make a good point of it and start to give what they need. There are many Recent visitor widget offered by other site. you can search it through google. Feedjit is one from lot of website that offering this widget for free. Feedjit even now have twitter widget for free. Many blogger use feedjit since it's easy and simple to add to your blog. feedjit offering two kind of recent visitor widget. 1. Javascript widget, 2. Image widget. Choose what you want. Now step by Step to add recent Visitor widget or feedjit in blogspot :

1. go to

2. choose Javascript Widgets or image widget

3. Now customize it

4. Take the code

5. Add it to your sidebar/ add gadget >> javascript/HTML

6. Save and done.


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