How to Get Backlinks to Your Blog

The more backlinks you get, the more traffic you will have to your blog.
One of the most effective techniques of improving your blog’s ranking in the search engines is to get backlinks. A backlink is just an incoming link to your website or blog from another one. The more backlinks you get, the more traffic you will have to your blog or website, and a better and higher search engine ranking
. Here are a few simple steps to get backlinks and visitors to a blog.

1. Create an Squidoo lens and place a link back to your blog. Squidoo lens frequently rank high in Google and other search engines.

2. Write articles and include a link to your blog in the resource area. There are lots of article directories you can choose from, simply don’t use the same content in all of them. Modify the title a bit and some of the content.

3. Write on Hubpages and again, link back to your blog.

4. Take part in network marketing forums, where you can include your blog link in your signature line.

5. Betternetworker is one more site that is ranking high in Google. Register as a member and add good content and you will get more traffic to your blog.

6. Visit other blogs in your niche and give comments. Just be sure to include a couple of sentences and don’t just write “nice blog” or “good blog” but make a comment that shows you really read what the blogger had to say. Then you are more likely to get a visit back.
All these techniques can result in visits back to your blog, which will give you backlinks, and help you, rank higher in Google and other search engine. This will result in more traffic to your blog, but more importantly, it will be traffic that is targeted to network marketing.


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