How to Get Traffic to Your Website Through Search Engine

Some great technical tips to get traffic to your website.


Traffic that is driven to your website from search engines is known as organic traffic. The traffic from search engines is what actually matters as it buys your products and if you are advertising ads, they will click your ads. Search engine traffic is what actually pays your bills. Digg and other such social networking sites can send thousands of traffic to your website but they won’t buy the product you are selling, nor will they click your ads. So here in this article I will discuss regarding organic traffic. I will tell you how you can get massive traffic to your website through search engines.

Make sure that your website is crawler-friendly

There should be a good quality network of inbound links on your website. Make sure that search engine crawlers or bots has access to every single page from more than one source.

Submit Sitemap to search engines

Even though submitting a sitemap to search engines has lost its importance over the past few years, but because Google and other various search engines tell you to submit sitemap to them so that they can crawl your website more frequently and easily, then there is no harm in it.

Work out on Title and other Meta tags wisely

Most of the people tend to ignore this one. While browsing the web I have come across many websites where Meta and Title tags have been wasted by either keyword filling in them or ignoring the keyword thing at all. Not only the new websites, but the older ones are also guilty of this.

Choose your Title cleverly. The words contained in your title must be used at least once in the body of your page. No need to use them again and again. Don’t write very long Meta descriptions. Write just the essential matter in it. Meta keywords should be the ones used in your text. Keywords in your title should also be incorporated. Never used the words that are nowhere to be seen in your page as keywords.

Use keywords as anchor text while linking internally

Instead of using “Click This Link” or “Click Here”, use keywords or title of the page as anchor text of a link. For example if the page is regarding gothic art, the anchor text of the links pointing to it should contain the term ‘gothic art’ in them.


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