Importance of Banner Advertisement For Brand Awareness

From last few days I have been reading many posts on why banner and advertisement are out thing. One common reason given by them as ad blindness. Though ad blindness concept is very true, but it holds usually for a banner which has been used zillion of times everywhere.
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Simple Reason why you should consider banner advertisement
Advertisement banner and review posts still play a major role in brand awareness. Suppose you start a web hosting company or a SEO company, but how people will know about it. You may tweet about it or may ask your friends to Tweet or publish it on facebook. Though people will see this once and will forget about it. But when they see your advertisement on other blogs or website , this will create a brand awareness.
It might take some time but   people will start recognizing your brand. One thing which is a requisite here is your advertisement landing page. When readers click on your advertisement and come to your service page, make sure they can navigate the page in one glance, and they will understand what it is all about.
The best example is the squeeze page created by affiliate marketer. Such pages are good enough to make user sign up for the product.
While advertising for your brand you need to take care of few things :
  • Attractive Banner
  • Niche advertisement
  • Landing pages.
Attractive Banner
A banner should be tempting enough that user will click on the advertisement. Along with it, make sure that user should understand what they are clicking on. You can see such example on direct advertisement banner at the lower right side of this blog.
Another important aspect is using different advertisement banner on different websites, this will help   to avoid ad blindness.
Niche advertisement
While finding an advertisement for your brand or product, try to stick to your niche. For an example if you have a SEO company or web hosting company, a blog on Technology, Blogging or SEO will be the best option, instead of a high traffic blog on dogs and pets.
Landing Page
As explained above, landing pages should be simple and attractive so that user will understand in a glance that what they are looking at. If you are proving them a landing page with lots of unrelated material, despite of huge investment, your conversion will be very less.
What do you think? Despite of ad blindness, banner advertisement plays a role for brand awareness or is it a waste of money?


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