Increase your Link Visibility Using Web 2.0 Buttons

Now a days, Web 2.0 applications is being most popular to spice up the website with advanced new features. Web 2.0 applications is used to enhance the visibility of anything like Web templates, buttons, Icons and so on. Using Web 2.0 application, you can make your blog looks like professional and formal layouts.

Web 2.0 Buttons for Websites

I've been using the buttons provided by Google on my blog. Actually, we can call it as Web 2.0 buttons. Definitely, you may want to apply such professional looking buttons instead of undesirable links on your blog. Let see we can use the Web 2.0 buttons.

On Subscription Box

Watch on the top right sidebar of this blog, you'll see the subscribe button. Now, compare that subscribe button with your blog's subscription button. But the stupid Internet Explorer doesn't supports for curved buttons. So it may be undesirable view on Internet Explorer.

As Read More Button

Go to the Homepage of this blog. And watch for the Continue Reading button that you can see below each post. This one is click able. When you see that button you may intend to click it.

Have you noticed that each of the Blogger Template which I have made consist of read more link?

Older Post and Newer Post
Many Blogger blog users were having problem with page navigation links. Older post, Newer Post and Home links were not visible but fortunately , I solved that problem. You can see these button on each post of this blog.

These are the existing place where I used Web 2.0 buttons. But, you can use everywhere that you want.

Let see how you can use this on your blog. First off all, download CSS code from here and upload it on your server. Add the Link to CSS where you have uploaded. For example: /style.css
" type="text/css"  /> 

Replace /style.css with the URL where you have hosted CSS code. Now, you are ready to use these button. Use this code to embed Web 2.0 buttons on your blog:

You found the complete information and tips from here.

Hope you've used such nice looking Web 2.0 buttons on your website and blog. Let me know if there is any obstacle and error while doing this process on your blog.

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