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Everyone on the internet is always in search of domain names which are good easy to remember and available for registration because as of today already 96,787,761 domain names are redistered [source - Total domain names count]
Now while registering a domain name many people always look out for keyword stuffed domain names like but lets assume every 1 word and 2 word domains are all registered. Here are some suggestions while registering a domain name.
1. Always register a .com domain name rather than a .info domain name if you are really serious about your project.
2. Never book a domain name like just for targetting a keyword like “Apply credit card online” because keywords stuffing is not always suggested.
3. If you are looking for a credit card related domain name just give a search in google for the keyword – “Apply credit card” and you will find websites having the following title – Credit Card Applications, Compare Credit Card, Online Credit Card, Credit Card Offers, Online Credit Card, capital one credit card, Bank of america credit card, best credit cards, citibank credit card and lots more from which you need to reshuffle the keywords back and front and try to make a good combination using some additional words if necessary like – top, best, zoom, pedia, szoom, hub, shub, city, scity, time, stime, times, depot, sdepot, plus, plus, book, sbook, world, sworld, gears, base, guru, brains, minds, talk, 9, ideas and some more suffix or prefix keywords you would like to add. These keywords gives your domain name a professional look because the 4-6 words domains or hiphen domains dont look professional.
4. Here is a example domain name which we registered when we were looking for a domain name related to Health Tips – which now Ranks #2 for the highly competitive keyword – “Health Tips” – Results 1 – 10 of about 250,000,000 for Health Tips. This is a clear example of why to add some related keyword in the suffix or prefix of a domain name.
5. Always register a domain name for a longer period if you are looking for a serious project on the website and dont signup with offers like 1$/year domain name registrations which companies like offer since they charge heavily on renewal time.
6. Dont buy expired domain names just by seeing their old page rank, because page rank does not help in long term and the expired domain would have got many previous penalities. Always go for a new fresh domain name registration or a domain name from a good seller which has a good archieve record with no search engines ban due to previous black hat optimization.
7.Go for a local TLD registration of you are targetting local visitors, for example if you are targeting visitors who would come to your website in search of gadgets information go for a domain name like
Will update here with more tips and tricks on domain name selection for Top Search engine rankings.


Go for a local TLD registration of you are targetting local visitors,

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