Top 3 Paid to Affiliate Websites

As we know, now blog not only for online diary. But, blog can be place to make money online. There are many kinds of online bussiness, for example  Pay per Click (PPC), Paid to Review (PTR), Paid to Affiliate (PTA), and so on. As the name, in PTA you can earn much money by become an affiliate (member of an affiliate program) and "sell" a product or other services to your blog visitors. Then if your blog visitors make a purchase, you will get a certain amount of commission. The commission is 4% to 15% from the purchase. So, if your visitor buy a MP3 for $500, you can earn up to $75 from one purchase! So, it's easy right? If you want know the websites that provide affliate program, I wil give you the list of Top 3 Paid to Affiliate Websites.

  • Amazon Associates
    Amazon give you chance for you to be an affiliate and promote some products and services in in your blog. The products of Amazone are books, e-books, games, MP3, etc.

  • ClickBank
    ClickBank is the biggest "market" of online digital products and you can promote thousands of popular digital products everyday. If you become an affiliate in ClicBank, you can connect your blog topics with ClickBank products, and you will get many advantages.

  • Commission Junction
    Commission Junction give you chance to maximize your blog to be an affiliate and "sell" Commission Junction products on your blog. With diverse product choices, you can choose your own products that you want to promote on your blog.

In affiliate program, you should have a skill to convince your visitors to buy the product from you. So, you should talk smartly with your blog visitors.


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