5 Google AdSense Tips To Follow If You Want To Make Money From Your Blog

Google AdSense is a very popular blog monetization tool because it’s easy to join the Google AdSense program, easy to integrate a variety of ads into your blog, and ads don’t have to take up a lot of space.
It has worked really well here for me at WebMaster-Success.com and I am now waiting on my second Google Adsense check.
However, there are a few rules you must follow unless you want to get banned from the AdSense program and make no money at all. Following are five of those rules:

Don’t Boost Clicks Artificially

There are a number of ways that Google AdSense publishers (such as bloggers) can artificially boost the number of clicks on the Google AdSense ads that appear on their sites. Following are a few methods that might be tempting but are considered spam and are a surefire way to get banned from the Google AdSense program:

  • Clicking on AdSense links on your blog yourself.
  • Asking other people to click on the AdSense links on your blog.
  • Using any kind of automated process to increase clicks (whether you create the process or a third party does it for you).
  • Joining with a group of other people to click on AdSense ads on each other’s blogs or websites.

  • Don’t Display More than the Allowed Number of Ads on a Page

    Make sure you read the current Google AdSense Program Policies and only display the number of ads allowed on a single web page at all times.

    Don’t Fill a Page with Ads but No Original Content

    Any page on your blog that includes Google AdSense ads must include more original content than ads. In fact, Google considers displaying a page full of ads with little or no original content a form of spam.

    Don’t Create More than One AdSense Account

    It might be tempting to create completely separate Google AdSense accounts and publish ads from both accounts on the same blog in order to get around rule #3 above, but doing so is a violation of Google policies. While you can add more than one blog or website to your Google AdSense account, you may not have more than one actual account.

    Don’t Try to Trick People into Thinking AdSense Ads are NOT Ads

    Hiding text link ads within the content of your blog posts in an attempt to make people think they aren’t ads is a violation of Google AdSense policies. Bottom-line, don’t try to disguise ads in an effort to increase clicks.


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    That is right. Don’t think that more adsense units you have, more money you will make. You might increase chance for clicks but you will certainly decrease earnings per click. Lets say that less adsense units you have, you are making your blog or website more competitive for Google Adwords publishers which will result in more expensive clicks for them and more earnings for you.

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