10 Reasons To Avoid Blogger Dynamic Views

avoid blogger dynamic viewsBlogger's major updates include the introduction of Blogger Dynamics views. The word Dynamic means that the entire blog interface or graphical appearance can be changed automatically with a click of a mouse and can be displayed in seven different looks which include FlipCard, Magazine, Sidebar, Snapshot, timeslide, Mosaic and Classic. They are indeed 40% fast loading because every page loads inside one window without letting the browser to jump from one page to another. I have already written two detailed posts on whether you should use Dynamic views for your blogs or not. I also wrote a post on disadvantages of Template Designer. Today we will discuss some technical drawbacks of this new development  which would be enough evidence to prove that why you should avoid using Blogger dynamic views.

To view your blog in dynamic view simply replace our URL with yours,

1. Doesn't Support AdSense Integration

Strange but true! There is no option available in the Design section where you can paste your AdSense code and make Ads appear on your blog.

2. No Widget Support

There is no layout section (Page Elements) where you may add new gadgets. The HTML/Javascript widget in the custom templates allows you to add almost any widget you like. May that be Adsense code, Buysellads code or important widgets like Popular posts, Recent Comments, Recent posts etc. Your blog will only contain the post body and a sidebar and amazingly both these areas can not be edited.
In short at present you can not add widgets in Blogger Dynamic Views.

3. No Edit HTML Option

The Edit HTML option lets you upload custom blogspot templates. It lets you completely change the look of your blog by applying new plugins and themes. You can introduce new widget sections, adjust columns, edit post body, add JavaScript, add jquery and anything you can think of.   Unfortunately Dynamic views offer no Edit HTML functionality. Clicking the design link on your dashboard takes you to the auto Edit area where you can only change the font colors, font family and background color and styles. But you can not upload a new template and can not EDIT the HTML of your blog layout. You can not add social media plugins below post titles or any other plugin inside the post body. Neither can you manually add widgets that I discussed above to your template. No Edit HTML section means no Difference between Blogger and Wordpress.
If you are using draft.blogger.com then you will observe that the Edit HTML button is not active in your Dashboard for your blog that is using Dynamic views.
no edit html option

3. Dynamic Views are not SEO Friendly

Complex web scripts control the display of your blog which includes AJAX. Google spiders can only read text. They are blind to images, videos, flash and Javascript. To access a new page Google robots use the links on your site. Some links such the "Comments link" in Dynamic view asks the user to click it so that comments may be loaded but Spider can not do that. Comments are hidden to spiders when they crawl the content. Comments have therefore chances of being left out of index by Google spiders. There is a greater chance that your comments will not be indexed which means you are loosing 50% content of your post and thus loosing some important keywords which users leave while commenting. Most of the traffic to blogs depend largely on the comments left by the readers.
Due to no Edit HTML support we can not optimize certain links that can effect site ranking. Neither can you add meta tags such as meta keywords.
Further Read more link doesn't work in dynamic Views which means half your content will be ignored during crawling. Read here

4. Loss of Page Views and Page Impressions

All pages load in a single window with requesting the browser to reload. A reference is sent through AJAX that tells the browser to remain in the same window and load only the post body without loading the sidebar and other sections. Even if Adsense integration is allowed in future, your revenue will tremendously drop due to loss of pageviews. Pageviews matter because you you don't just get paid for the clicks but also for each 1000 impressions/pageviews made on your blog. This is what we call Cost per thousand Impressions (CPI or CPM)

5. Browser Compatibility Issues

The Template is build using latest in web technology like AJAX, HTML5 and CSS3. Internet Explorer which is the second largely used browser doesn't support CSS3 and HTML5 completely at present. So the results would look different on different browsers.

6. Jump Break Does not Work

You can not attach a read more link by summarizing your posts. The posts do not expand when the read more link or Jump Break link is clicked. Visit this Link to see it for yourself. None of my post is accessible to the user. So if you have decided to shift to Dynamic views than you will have to manually remove jump breaks from all your posts. Imagine removing the "Read more Link" manually from over 500 posts!

7. No professional Touch

Your blog wont look any different from those half a million blogs who have selected Dynamic Views as their default template.

8. Not SMO Friendly

Dynamic views only have Google+ , Facebook like and Twitter buttons added by default at the bottom of each post. But you can not add your Facebook Like box and other social media plugins to the post section or anywhere else. Indeed a big issue concerned with social media optimization.

9. You can not add Drop Down Menu

Would you love visiting a blog or site with no navigation menu? Of course you would hate it. At present you can only add Page Links but no custom installation of a drop down menu is supported. You can not provide your readers with easy navigation option and that sounds weird!

10. No Favicon, No Blog Logo

Neither can you add a background image to the header of your blog nor can you add a favicon. So you have no option at present to display your blog logo either on header or as Favicon.

Share your thoughts

I can go on with the list and share several other drawbacks of these new templates introduced by Blogger team but I would love to know what are your views and how far do you agree to the facts shared above. Peace and blessings pals. :)


In short, we should have to design our blogs as SEO friendly. Honestly i didn't think that Dynamics views reverse effect on indexing.


@Viasat : You see Google spiders can only read text . They are blind to images, videos, flash and Javascript.
You can view source your blog in Dynamic view and just see the javascript code .


Interesting... So are you saying it would decrease the search engine optimization for your blog by using the dynamic view? The seo companies I've talked to all recommend using a blog as an seo tool, and I've been using the dynamic view for a while. Should I change this then, in order to increase my traffic? Thanks!


@ritaarvin : :) , you're welcome


You see Google spiders can only read text . They are blind to images, videos, flash and Javascript.


Thanks for sharing such useful and educative tips.


Nice Information Ji


Thanks for your helpful tips


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