Get Top Rank in Google: How to Proceed?

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When your website at present is listed by Google additional submission cannot speed up matters. If you are trying to find the page where you have to submit your website, just search for ‘Google submit’ in Google. It is reasonable that their page would rank on top of the list but you could try several other ways for them to make a decision on your website. Here are some methods that you can make use of.

Online Directories

A unique technique to get Google to detect your website is through links from websites, which are broadly crawled. Using online directories could be the top and fastest way though. Google has the routine of analyzing top-level directories on a regular basis and when any website has links from these, the website also gets noticed faster.
The option is between free and paid subscription directories and you have to pick and choose your choice depending on the money available. business directories, which also have similar interest areas, as yours are good since Google is always, keen to find links between the two, when indexing your website. The area of operation between your website and the business directory should be common.

Submit to Open Directory or Dmoz

The sure shot method to find top rankings with Google is to get listed with Dmoz, also known as an Open Directory. This is however not the immediate way to get Google detect your website. Dmoz may take weeks or months to register your website. This is because a category editor individually evaluates every website that is submitted and it all matters where in the line your website is located.

If you do plan to submit to Dmoz make clear in your mind that you read the submission guidelines very carefully and act in accordance with what they ask.

Article Submission Websites

There is yet one more way to get observed by Google and that is through submitting articles to article submission websites. Most of the reputed article submission websites allow you to add a box known as ‘Author Resource’ or ‘About the Author’. This is the place where you can add the link of your website.

One of the biggest advantages of writing valuable articles is that other websites can use them in their sites. It is compulsory for them to add the resource box so that you can access a free link to your website. That is an additional opportunity to get noticed by Google and if your articles were in line with your line of business, you would get lots of traffic to your website. Thus, you could submit to Google directly but never ignore the options of online directories or article writing, which could assure you of getting better chances to get noticed.


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