Why do you use Twitter? Marketing tool or Socializing?

Twitter is one of the best tool to connect to other like minded people, but question remains why do you use twitter? Do you use it to connect to friends or do you use it as a marketing tool? For me twitter is a marketing tool. Since I connect to other bloggers using twitter and get traffic for my blog and for others.
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I know many of you might not agree with that twitter is a marketing tooland reason being most of us used it as another social connection tool. No doubt twitter is a social tool and so is other social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble upon and delicious. But bottom line remains the same “Traffic”. Every one needs traffic to their blog or services and most important targeted traffic. Twitter is one such platform which provides you with targeted traffic, if only, you use it wisely.
Many people have asked me how to drive traffic from Twitter and to be honest it’s not easy as its sound. On the other hand its not tough. Little bit of work and you can start attracting people to your twitter profile, and hence your blog.
My point here is, for social connection we already have facebook and orkut.


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