Setting Homepage to Blogger Dynamic Views

Hello, friends! Now, I will post about Setting Homepage to Blogger Dynamic Views. Maybe, you still don't know what is the purpose of blogger dynamic views. Ya, blogger dynamic views is an excess of Blogger. With dynamic views, you can set your blog into 5 styles, that's

Sure, you want to set your blog homepage display to be like that right? Unfortunately, the style cannot set at our blog homepage. But, now I will teach you the HACKS! If your blog has not been enabled dynamic views, just follow the steps below

1. Log in to your blogger account
2. Go to Settings --> Formatting
3. Find "Enable Dynamic Views", and check the box
4. Just click SAVE SETTINGS

Then, how to settig the dynamic views to homepage? Just follow the steps below again!

1. Go to Design --> Edit HTML
2. Copy the code below, and paste above </head>
<meta content='1; url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>
The red text can be replace with your blog address
The blue text can be replace with one of the 5 styles above
3. Just click SAVE TEMPLATE



It keeps refreshing the page unstoppably!!!


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